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Nurture Your People
Solutions for Medium and Large Businesses
Our customized training programs are designed to immediately infuse productive energy into your organization. We help you build more effective teams by providing them with the tools to substantially impact & improve their workday. Choose from a program listed below, or work with us to develop something that impacts your team in significant ways.
Hear from Others
..."we think of VerbalWise first."  
Whenever we have clients who need help with group dynamics, communications skills, and developing collaboration among diverse groups, we think of VerbalWise first.
Len Brzozowski,
Executive Director
Xavier University's
Leadership Center
"...they won't walk away until the job is done."  
We've worked with many consultants over the years, but none have been as efficient as Tammé and her team. They actually help to implement what they recommend. They won't walk away until the job is done.
Don Mitzel, Co-owner, GraphiColor Exhibits  
Optimize Your Cash Flow
Solutions for Business Owners and Consumers
Through a special alliance with Mastermind Solutions, Inc. we bring you a solution so amazing, we dedicated another web site to it. If you are a business owner, a home owner, or a debt owner, we can show you how to reduce your debt to zero faster than you could imagine. Using a savvy, yet easy-to-use software program, you can be debt free in 1/2 to 1/3 the time. Yes, this includes your house, and no, this does not require you to make any major lifestyle changes. Rather it better utilizes your current cash flow. Visit the web site for more information.


Be debt-free  
Create Energy to Compete
If you're not investing in your people, you're not investing in your company. When the economy catches up, will your company be strong enough to compete - or will someone else's? One of the greatest actions you can take to improve your company is improve your people. Here are a few of our most popular and powerful training programs.
Develop Emotional Intelligence Use the Power of Optimism in the Workplace
Work with ALL Personality Styles Help Different Departments to See
Eye--to-eye (Bridge the Gap Between the Geeks and Suits)
Create Workplace Harmony Develop Productive Work Teams
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