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Communication Catalyst Radio Show Archives
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During this weekly radio program, Tammé Quinn Grzebyk interviewed experts; discussed current events as they applied to your business; and fielded questions from "texters" —all for the purpose of sharing ideas and streamlining and the corporate climate of your organization.

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What's Fluff Got to Do with It?
Paul Centenari Co-Owner
Atlas Container Corp.

There is a direct correlation between employee and customer satisfaction. If your employees are not happy your customers won’t be either! Join host Tammé Quinn Grzebyk with her guest, Paul Centenari, co-owner of Atlas Container Corp. Paul's company has proven that a trusting corporate where employee input is valued affects the company's overall success.

Listen to this episode for an informative and provocative introduction to the importance of corporate culture to your company’s bottom line. Hear how you can work toward becoming a leading company with long-term staying power. It’s about more than process improvements and business metrics. The Communication Catalyst is a show featuring lively discussions with leaders, authors and experts who have seen first-hand the impact group dynamics, corporate culture and office politics can have on a company’s bottom-line results.


No More Mean People: All about the Uncivilized Workplace. Robert Sutton, Professor
Stanford University

Join host Tammé Quinn Grzebyk with her guest, Robert Sutton, Professor of Management Science and Engineering in the Stanford Engineering School. Together, they will dive into organizational performance and discuss how incivility negatively affects a company’s longevity.Robert Sutton is Professor of Management Science and Engineering in the Stanford Engineering School. He is co-founder of the Center for Work, Technology and Organization at Stanford, which he co-directed from 1996 to 2006. Sutton is also co-founder of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and the new Hasso Planter Institute of Design, a multi-disciplinary program at Stanford that teaches and spreads “design thinking.” Sutton also an IDEO Fellow and member of the Institute for the Future’s Board Trustees. He studies the links between managerial knowledge and organizational action, innovation, and organizational performance, and has published over 100 articles in academic and applied publications. Sutton is author of Weird Ideas That Work: 11 1 Practices for Promoting, Managing, and Sustaining Innovation (Free Press, 2002) and co-author (with Jeffrey Pfeffer) of both The Knowing-Doing Gap: How Smart Firms Turn Knowledge Into Action (Harvard Business School Press, 2000 and of Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, and Total Nonsense: Profiting from Evidence-Based Management (Harvard Business School Press, 2006). His most recent book, The No Asshole Rule: Building a Civilized Workplace and Surviving One That Isn’t, was published by Warner in early 2007. Sutton’s personal blog is Work Matters and can be found at www.bobsutton.net.


The Solutions are Right Under Our Noses

Lee Meadows, PhD.
Walsh College


Join host Tammé Quinn Grzebyk with her guest, Dr. Lee Meadows, Professor of Management at Walsh College. They will discuss how organizations need not look past their front doors to find solutions to so many of their problems. Innovation, creativity and leadership exist among their own employees. Dr. Meadows teaches management courses for undergraduate, masters and doctorate programs and has worked in training and organizational change for a variety of companies. He is the author of the bestselling business book, Take the Lull by the Horns!, and serves as a columnist to the Detroit News and other publications. The Communication Catalyst is a show featuring lively discussions with leaders, authors and experts who have seen first-hand the impact group dynamics, corporate culture and office politics can have on a company’s bottom-line results.


Creating the Truly Healthy Workplace Donna Burick
3D Fit Studio

Join host Tammé Quinn Grzebyk with her guest, Donna Burick, owner of 3DFit Studios. Donna Burick is a recognized expert in the fitness industry and has been a personal trainer for more than 20 years.

Her passion for healthy living is the basis for inspiring people, including models and pageant contestants, kids of all ages and individuals with a sincere interest in fitness and sound nutrition. Donna's philosophy of motivating her clients through accountability and consistency to help them see their potential is her greatest reward. The importance of building personal relationships with those she trains through coaching and follow-up has proven extremely successful.

She recently launched a new corporate wellness program with the goal of providing employees with a sound fitness and nutrition plan to help reduce health care costs and increase productivity. Her philosophies are key to a positive corporate culture. See more about her at www.3dfitstudio.com.


What Do You Get When You Cross
Engineering with Corporate Culture?
Len Brzozowski, Executive Director
Xavier University
Leadership Center

Join host Tammé Quinn Grzebyk with her guest, Len Brzozowski, Executive Director of the Xavier Network for Executive and Organizational Development and Managing Director of the Xavier Consulting Group. These entities offer education, facilitation, consulting, and training to executives and their leadership teams.

Len is an experienced entrepreneur, consultant and teacher whose engineering and strategy expertise is augmented by an understanding that an organization is only as strong as its people and only as healthy as its culture.

Prior to Len's move to Xavier, his company, Robotron, was recognized by Crain’s Detroit Business as one of the leading technology companies of Michigan, and as one of the 50 most innovative small business in the country by the US Chamber of Commerce.

The Communication Catalyst is a show featuring leaders, authors and experts who have seen first-hand the impact group dynamics, corporate culture and office politics have on a company’s bottom-line results.


Emotional Intelligence? What Is It and Why Should You Care?    

Join host Tammé Quinn as she introduces emotional intelligence, referencing research done by Daniel Goleman as well as Drs. Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves. More than one half of what makes your people successful is related to their emotional intelligence, not their job skills!


Internal Communications Strategies Matt Friedman
Tanner Friedman

Join host Tammé Quinn with her guest, Matt Friedman of Tanner Friedman. They will discuss the imprtance of internal communications strategies to your company's bottom line. Matt Friedman is a co-founder of Tanner Friedman, a strategic communications firm specializing in public relations, crisis communications and marketing support, based in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Friedman works with clients in a variety of industries on developing and executing their communications strategies. His clients have included an international airline, the largest global pharmaceutical company, a major research university, print and broadcast media companies and leading professional service firms.


Publicity at Its Finest Jill Lublin
Promising Promotions

Join host Tammé Quinn with her guest, Jill Lublin, owner of Promising Promotion. They will discuss the steps companies can take to promote themselves in order to increase their impact to the bottom line. Jill Lublin is the author of two national best selling books, Guerrilla Publicity (which is considered the PR bible and is used in university marketing courses), and Networking Magic (which went to #1 at Barnes and Noble). She is a renowned strategist and international speaker.

As the CEO of the strategic consulting firm, Promising Promotion, Jill has created successful techniques that implement bottom line results. Jill is founder of GoodNews Media, Inc., a company specializing in positive news. She is currently the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, Do the Dream, where she interviews celebrities who have achieved their dreams.

Jill has recently been featured in the New York Times, Woman’s Day, and Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as on ABC, NBC, CBS radio and TV national affiliates. Jill is currently working on her third book to be published by McGraw Hill in 2008. She is also the creator and host of a new TV show called The Connecting Minute.


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