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Success Depends Upon Solid Alliances
We are proud to be aligned with leading organizations

Active participation in business and community organizations increases our knowledge in ways that positively impact our clients. Further, we pride ourselves on the ability to develop strong, sustainable relationships with companies and associations that epitomize professionalism and perfection.

VerbalWise recently established a strategic alliance with Mastermind Solutions, Inc. As part of this partnership, we will coach consumers to a debt-free lifestyle. Contact Tammé at 734-927-4743 or tamme@mastermindsolutions.com to find out how you can pay off your mortgage in 1/2 to 1/3 the time.

Educational Affilations
Xavier University  
Xavier University’s Leadership Center (XLC) provides an unparalleled approach to developing the present and future leaders of some of the most prominent and up-and-coming companies. VerbalWise’s partnership with the XLC is strengthened by the common philosophy that if an organization is to truly thrive, it must nurture and guide the people within an organization through heroic leadership.
Walsh College  
President and Chief Sparkitect, Tammé Quinn Grzebyk, is a graduate of Walsh College, where she earned her Master’s of Science in Management. She is also active in its Business Leadership Institute. She was most recently named the 200809 Adams Entrepreneurial Fellow!



Associations and Organizations
Some of the associations and organizations we find most influential are listed below. We recommend affiliation with them as part of an overall corporate strategy. Each of of their philosophies point to improving a critical area of business. Check them out!
Xavier Leadership Center

Walsh College
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